Our commitment to helping our customers find their ideal packaging solution is what makes us an unrivalled packaging consultancy service, alongside our parent company, Samuel Grant Packaging. With our goal being to find an effective packaging process, while creating minimal waste, we help you choose a solution that’ll ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition. Our packaging audits have helped hundreds of customers, here’s how a no obligation audit will benefit you.

Reduced spend

Our audits take into account current packaging use, packaging and shipping processes, as well as current spends. Our aim is to reduce your packaging consumption and related costs, leading to a cost reduction in both purchasing the packaging and transporting it.

Increased efficiency

We will work towards your whole packaging process becoming more efficient. A more efficient process will lead to a better-quality pack in a shorter period, leading to a more productive process.

More storage space

With our main goal being to find a packaging solution which enables you to use as little packaging as possible, a packaging audit will result in you utilising less storage space, and because Samuel Grant Packaging will be your single-source provider, it’ll be easier than ever to re-order products. We offer next day delivery throughout the UK, as well as same-day delivery locally to our three depots in Sheffield, Leeds and the North East.

Less waste

A packaging audit will ensure that your products are wrapped to create as little waste as possible. Using the Samson Nano ensures that the optimum amount of stretch film is applied to every wrap, using just the right amount, ensuring no unnecessary waste.

Improved customer satisfaction

We’ll ensure that your goods reach their destination in perfect condition, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. We’re experts in resolving over turned or broken pallets with solutions such as the Queen’s Award-winning, Samson Nano.

We always find room for improvement, so however your packaging process currently runs, book your no obligation audit now.