As one of the key components of your packaging process, choosing a suitable pallet wrapper is vital. At Samson Nano we provide a reliable, cost-effective solution to save your business time.

The Samson Nano is extremely easy to load and is semi-automatic, working as a press and go function to enable a safe wrap in seconds. We provide customers with the latest stretch wrapping technology, enabling them to benefit from increased safety, speed and convenience.

Before the Samson Nano, the only option for businesses was to choose a machine, choose some film, and put the two together. At Samson Nano we do this work for you. Our experience means that we know which machine is appropriate for a particular application, and by analysing your packaging process, we gauge necessary requirements and provide a perfect match of machine and film, saving considerable amounts of time that would be spent researching the stretch wrapping industry.

Not only do we save customers valuable time, our advanced systems are specifically tuned to make the most of the very latest film available, leading to a cost-effective, value for money stretch wrapping process. You’ll only ever pay a fixed price per wrapped pallet, because with Samson Nano there’s no outright payment for the machine, allowing you to budget to a true cost.

If you’re looking for a reliable, easy to use pallet wrapper to improve your budgeting and to save you time, request your site audit so we can show you why we’re so highly commended.