Economic Advantages of Choosing Samson Nano

Not only is Samson Nano smarter, faster and safer, the economic advantages of choosing Samson Nano are undeniable.

Free machine

Who wouldn’t want a free machine? The Samson Nano is priced as a cost per pallet wrapped system, meaning no capex or outright payments, keeping costs low. What’s more, because we take full responsibility for Samson Nano, there are no additional maintenance, service or repair costs.

Less film

We did our research. The Samson Nano machine works perfectly with the unique 33-layer stretch film to deliver the ideal wrap tension. The machine’s gears cannot be bypassed, meaning that film will never be wasted, and you only pay for the cost of the film you actually use – we don’t charge for failed wraps.

Less damage

Samson Nano will give you fewer failed wraps, and also fewer damaged deliveries. Pallets are securely wrapped meaning that they will not fall over in transit, resulting in less wasted products. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but saves you both time and money replacing these broken shipments.


With its unique pay as you go system, and pre-gears to allow for optimum pre-wrap tension, the Samson Nano saves you money. Get in touch with our experts to see how we can help you.