Hand wrapping is an outdated pallet wrapping technique which results in inconsistently wrapped pallets and we’re confident that switching to our Queen’s Award-winning machine, Samson Nano, will lead to increased productivity, considerable savings, and increased customer satisfaction.


Machine wrapping results in a more dependable quality of wrap because hand wrapping is a physically demanding role and results in workers producing inconsistently wrapped pallets. Samson Nano performs to pre-set standards in terms of pre-stretch, tension and wrap pattern, and works as a press and go, semi-automatic process diminishing the risk of variable unsafe wrap quality. Because the machines are doing the physically demanding work, the risk of back strain or injury is also hugely reduced, lowering overall health and safety risks.

Customer Satisfaction

Using a machine pallet wrapper, such as the Samson Nano, will result in increased customer satisfaction as the risk of pallets damaged in transit is virtually eliminated. Workers hand wrapping pallets will never be as reliable or consistent as a machine, wrap after wrap. Too much film is very costly or too little and poorly applied, increases the risk of unstable loads and damaged goods.


Because the machines work on pre-set standards every wrap is completed using the correct amount of film every time which means that your pallets are wrapped to a higher standard. As the Samson Nano works as a press and go function, you will also save on labour costs, whilst receiving real-time, daily reports from its in-built reporting software.

What’s more, with Samson Nano, there are no ‘hidden’ costs and you only pay per successfully wrapped pallet, so book your stretch wrapping audit to transform your packaging lifecycle.