Hand wrapping pallets is outdated and unreliable and so it’s no surprise that many businesses are now investing in their own pallet wrapping machines. However, high purchase costs coupled with hidden fees such as repairs, services and film can result in a substantial annual cost.


Older machines are prone to malfunctions and with a standard machine this means that you’re liable to pay for these repairs.

We take full ownership of any issue with the Samson Nano. The top-quality performance of our machine is our responsibility and we want this to be guaranteed. We provide any repairs at no extra cost, so you’ll only ever pay the fixed price per wrapped pallet.


Maintenance and servicing are essential in retaining top-quality performance. With your own machine performance issues can occur from minor issues being overlooked resulting in extra costs.

With the Samson Nano maintenance costs are dealt with by us. Because the machine’s high performance is our priority we provide all upkeep at no extra cost, even for services or spares.

Overuse of film

Overuse of film can result in a low-quality wrap. When a machine does not provide a high pre-stretch or a suitable wrap tension the stretch film is used unnecessarily resulting in wasted spend on film.

The Samson Nano challenges this through using a high quality, 33 layer stretch film. Our film consistently outperforms others due to increased tear and puncture resistance. The Samson Nano operates from pre-set parameters that ensure that you use and spend less but gain a higher quality wrap.

With a fixed price per pallet, no maintenance or repair fees and no downtime the Samson Nano is cost effective and helps you to budget. With no hidden costs or charges you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.