This is a question we get asked a huge amount – especially by companies who are fortunate enough to be cash rich, and can’t understand why they wouldn’t just invest in a new machine as opposed to engaging in a ‘price per wrapped pallet’ solution which is provided by the Samson Nano. There are many reasons that we decided to offer the Samson Nano in this way, and here are just a few, which answer that question:

We’ve done the research
The Samson Nano was born out of our own obsession with achieving the best results at the most reasonable price per wrapped pallet. We’d developed our own unique 33-layer Nano stretch film, and needed to find a machine which would maximise the potential of the film, and get the clients’ goods to their destination in absolutely perfect condition. The Samson Nano machine is set to make the most of the film we partner it with, and our team evaluate client needs and set the machine to absolutely the right settings to ensure the best results. There are literally thousands of potential machine and film combinations on the market, but with our expertise, we have partnered the perfect two. We put our name to this combination, and are only happy for the two to be together to ensure the absolute best results. Not only do we save clients money, but we save them research time, and that is something that many companies simply don’t have in abundance, however cash rich they may be.

We stay involved
Because of the pricing model of the Samson Nano, clients are assured of our ongoing involvement in the process, and therefore our ongoing guarantee. Clients who buy machines are left to their own devices: once they have been sold the machine and the transaction has happened, there is no comeback, unless there’s a mechanical fault. Even then, most manufacturer warranties don’t offer a money back guarantee, simply a spare part / repair if needed. In itself this can cause down time of the machine, as well as staff time liaising to co-ordinate the terms of the warranty.
With the Samson Nano, we are on hand all the time to ensure that the machine and film are working in the best possible way. If clients have failed wraps, we don’t get paid, and by putting our own vested interest in the price per wrapped pallet, we ensure that both parties have a long and ongoing relationship of perfectly wrapped pallets.

We can help with seasonal peaks
Need an additional pallet wrapper for a few months to cope with seasonal peaks? No problem. We work with numerous customers who need additional pallet wrapping provision to cope with Christmas for example. We simply drop in another machine, at the same fixed price per wrapped pallet, and take it away again when the peak is over. The spare machine isn’t taking up valuable warehouse space when it’s not being used, nor is it busy depreciating whilst doing nothing, something any business can ill afford. Our inbuilt reporting software allows clients to foresee the peaks when they might need additional provision and plan accordingly. Moreover, the machine automatically orders film.

No downtime
When clients buy a machine, the machine becomes their responsibility. If something breaks, or the machine requires servicing, their warehouse staff might have to revert to hand wrapping. The downsides of that include staff exhaustion, excessive use of film, and not stretching film to its optimum capacity which can result in unstable loads.
With the Samson Nano, there is no downtime – if there is an issue with the machine, our engineers will come to site and fix it. If the machine needs to be taken away, then a replacement can be brought in at no extra cost. All clients ever pay is their ongoing guaranteed fixed price per wrapped pallet, and are ensured that the pallet wrapping service is available throughout their agreement with Samuel Grant Packaging.

Don’t pay for cardboard – it doesn’t wrap pallets
When clients purchase a machine, they also have to purchase the film to go with it. The film is sold on rolls by the tonne. The price per tonne includes the cardboard core, which obviously doesn’t wrap pallets! Furthermore, very few people have the capacity to actually weigh what they are receiving. With a fixed price per wrapped pallet, clients are only paying for the film, not any other variances that could occur. Lip service is given to the potential of the wrap as far as the number of pallets it will wrap are concerned, but once the wrap is sold, there is no ongoing fulfilment of this estimate.

No Surprises
Downtime is one surprise that the Samson Nano avoids, but other surprises might include swift depreciation of a purchased machine; increased cost of film and consumables; servicing and maintenance costs; staff training in new machinery; and a steady decline in productivity – the Samson Nano system avoids all these pitfalls.

Keep up with the advancements
There can be nothing more irritating to a company than investing in the top end of machinery, only to find that there is a new technological advancement brought out in the subsequent few months. Pallet wrapping machinery is innovating constantly, with new technology being produced all the time. If we find that a client could benefit from a new technology available on the market, we will replace their existing solution with the new one – no cost, no downtime, and no problem keeping up with the Joneses! We also find that new legalities might impact on a client’s pallet wrapping requirements, for example the recent introduction of a need to weigh pallets prior to despatch. We found a way to incorporate a weighing facility into the turntable of the Samson Nano, and were only too happy to replace machines for those clients who had that new requirement.

No obligation
More than anything, we don’t benefit from the Samson Nano system if the clients don’t. If usage decreases, or requirements change and the Nano is no longer required, we remove it, no problem. With a bought machine, unless it can be sold, clients are lumbered with it, and we often see unloved and unused machines sitting in the back of warehouses taking up valuable space. This never happens with a Samson Nano!

So in conclusion, the question should not be ‘I can afford to buy a machine, so why would I use your solution?’ but more ‘How can anyone afford not to use the Samson Nano?’

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