Strong as Samson – safe as houses!

Samson Nano pallet wrapper in operation

Samson Nano – The Safe Pallet Wrap Machine

The safety credentials of the Samson Nano are second to none, and something that we take very seriously. We want both warehouse staff and goods to be safe, and for goods to reach their destination in perfect condition.
The Samson Nano has been specially designed to work with the Samson Lite stretch wrapping film. The machine is set to stretch the film to its optimum tension. This means that loads are held tightly and remain tightly in position. Not too tight as to damage boxes and goods, but tight enough to ensure that they stay in position. Once wrapped, pallets can be tipped to 26 degrees with no issue, this having been determined as the maximum tilt required for pallets to endure during loading and transportation (see attached image).
The Samuel Grant Packaging specialists test and set the Samson Nano in situ, ensuring that it wraps clients’ pallets perfectly, and safely, every time. Once set, the Samson Nano can’t be altered by staff – this stops them from changing the settings to use less film, which might result in a less stable, and therefore less safe load. Alongside the settings that dictate the amount of revolutions and film that the pallet wrapping machine use, the machine is also fitted with a magic eye. The recognises the dimensions of the pallet, meaning that they don’t have to be uniform in shape and size in order to be perfectly wrapped, each and every time.
For the safest pallet wrapping solution, there is no other choice than the Samson Nano.