In today’s stretch wrapping industry, competition is tough, and it is more important than ever to have technology that stands out from the crowd. With the Queen’s Award-winning Samson Nano, you can budget to an actual cost, and make significant savings.

Free machine

When you choose the Samson Nano you’ll never actually pay for the machine because we charge for our machines at a fixed price per wrapped pallet. There’s no capital expenditure, and you’ll have the latest stretch wrapping technology for free, leading to significant savings with no single pay-outs.

Less film

The film that we offer is 33-layer stretch film of the highest quality. Compared to conventional film you’ll use considerably less as it consistently outperforms other stretch film with its increased puncture and tear resistance. It also maintains exceptional high clarity for barcode scanning, meaning that you receive better quality film, with no compromise.

No maintenance costs

We take full responsibility for the Samson Nano. If we notice a change in performance or other technical change, we will monitor this and investigate the issue at no cost to you. All service, maintenance and repairs fees are included in the Samson Nano System umbrella, making it easy for you to budget.

Pay as you go

Possibly the most unique advantage to the Samson Nano is our revolutionary charging system. With the Samson Nano, prices are calculated at a fixed price per successfully wrapped pallet. This means that you’ll only ever be charged for successfully wrapped pallets, with no hidden costs, allowing you to budget to a true cost, only paying for the film that you actually use.

Overall, switching to the Samson Nano will provide you with an innovative stretch wrapping machine with added value. Get in touch today to book a no obligation audit.