The rotating arm Samson Nano machine is a prime example of our customer service and innovation in action.

Our client supplies blocks of fish meal, which are wrapped onto pallets for distribution.

Due to the nature of the product, there is always a sprinkling of the meal which slips out of the packaging onto the floor of the factory, which poses a hygiene issue for the client, and means that the factory floor requires constant pressure washing.

Although the client appreciated the outstanding benefits and cost savings of the Samson Nano system, a standard floor mounted solution could contribute to a source of fish meal build up.

In conjunction with the client, we developed the rotating arm Samson Nano machine, which wraps the pallets from above as opposed to below. The carriage doesn’t touch the floor at any point, and can be pushed against the wall out of the way whilst the pressure washing is taking place.

We were able to propose this as a solution to the customer, and having conducted an in-depth audit of their pallet wrapping requirements, were able to offer it to them with no capital expenditure required, at a fixed price per wrapped pallet. As with our more conventional offering, this unique solution is risk free to the client. Their fixed price per wrapped pallet includes the provision, servicing and maintenance of the machine; as well as all the film and inbuilt reporting software for ongoing management by both the client and the experts at Samuel Grant.

Our team of Samson Nano specialists pride themselves in solution-focussed customer service, and will work with clients to ensure that they save money, save time, save hassle, and moreover get exactly the pallet wrapping solution that works perfectly for their specific business requirements.