Old machine technology and hand wrapping can waste your business time and money. Get ahead with Samson Nano’s faster stretch wrapping technology.

Faster – in more ways than one! Not only does Samson Nano dramatically improve the speed at which your pallets are wrapped, but faster accounting is also part of the package. Our latest technology means that you can access data on the cost of each pallet faster than ever before. Samson Nano provides our customers with information on their accounts, removing any fear of ‘hidden’ costs, and ensuring you receive real-time, clear reports on its progress.

Speed is of the essence, and Samson Nano will make certain of that. Our semi-automatic stretch wrapping technology wraps pallets safely and securely in seconds, ensuring business is maximised. Alongside this, provision of real-time information gives you clear information on the number of pallets wrapped per day, giving you the power to know your business inside out. Hand wrapping is a physically demanding role resulting in inconsistent pallets being produced by workers, at a much slower pace. By making the move to Samson Nano you can significantly increase the number of pallets wrapped per day, whilst reducing the overall health and safety risks in your workplace, as less physical work is demanded on your workers.

Samson Nano is faster than hand wrapping, and our high-quality film allows you to protect without a chance of film damage, which often occurs when hand wrapping. Increased puncture and tear resistance in our film, makes it durable, without compromising the exceptionally high clarity for barcode scanning. This means that you can trust Samson Nano to wrap your pallets, whilst feeling confident that they are well protected. All our machines work at pre-set standards and each wrap is completed using the precise amount of film required which means that pallets are wrapped at a faster speed, but still at the highest quality.

Real-time reporting through our latest technology means that you will never run out of film. Customer satisfaction is our priority and our system measures film usage, tension, number of wraps and pallet size each time a pallet is wrapped. This allows us to ensure the machine is always provided with film to wrap with, so you have nothing to worry about.

Samson Nano will provide you with a faster wrapping experience which performs with great accuracy and care. Our technology reduces human error and the high yield composite 33 layer film provides incomparable performance, saving you both time and money.