Ensuring safety for both employees and customers is of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to ensure deliveries are received in perfect condition.

The Samson Nano ensures less damage. With a superior quality, 33-layer stretch film that has increase tear and puncture resistance, customers are confident that damage is limited during transport.

Our technology consistently outperforms hand wrapping and old machine technology, whilst maintaining clarity for barcode scanning, and loads are kept stable, saving you time, money, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our smarter pallet wrapping system also ensures that operator’s health and safety is not compromised. Operating as a press and go function, workers are not risking physical injury, and added safety features mean the gears cannot be bypassed.

The machine complies with the highest EU quality and safety standards, so you can be assured that using the Samson Nano gives you a quicker, more cost-effective and safer wrap.