In today’s competitive market it’s essential for a company to have the best in the business in terms of machinery, logistics and overall manufacturing processes. Here at Samson Nano, we’re pretty confident that we can offer the finest in the pallet wrapping world – we mean, we did win a Queen’s Award!

You’ll never actually buy a Samson Nano pallet wrapper machine, and that’s because you only ever pay a fixed price per successfully wrapped pallet, meaning that we take full responsibility for any repairs, maintenance or servicing costs.
We give you full access to real-time information and reports on performance, usage and expenditure and also keep an eye on these ourselves. If we notice that you are having repeated failed wraps, we’ll come out to you to investigate the issue, at no cost to you.

Giving our customers access to real-time information allows for better budgeting and ensures that we’re transparent with our pricing and figures. The Samson Nano reporting system also measures stretch film usage, tension, number of wrapped pallets and ensures that you always have stretch film to wrap with, as the system automatically re-orders this for you.
We’ll help you move with the times. We’ll future proof your wrapping solution, providing updated machinery when available or required, and as new models are released you’ll benefit from technology advances, without having to fork-out for a new machine.

The Samson Nano also offers a substantial reduction in packaging and waste compared to hand wrapping and old machine technology, and significantly reduces your CO2 emissions by reducing transport and number of failed wraps. With hand wrapping, rolls are often wasted when users drop the roll causing damage to the edge making it unusable and just thrown away. Our 33-layer stretch film provides you with a reliable and cost-effective solution which will reduce your waste from failed wraps, broken pallets and overuse of film because the Samson Nano works to pre-set standards, and its gears cannot be bypassed.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Book your no obligation audit so we can help transform your pallet wrapping solution to be smarter.