What happens when a stretch wrapping machine reaches the end of its life?

We are members of Recycling Lives – a unique socially minded business that has been recognised for combining business and charity. They partner commercial metal recycling and waste management with social welfare charity to offer value back to society. In 2017/18 Recycling Lives achieved £8 million in social value, 945,000 meals to marginalised people through food redistribution (over 18,000 meals a week), and 250 men and women employed in 10 prisons at HMP academies.

By working with them, Samuel Grant Packaging are able to offer machine recycling services, and so when your Samson Nano machine reaches the end of its life, it’ll get recycled here, adding value back to society.

Moreover, we also offer this facility to customers disposing of old machines free of charge, so whatever machine you have, you can be sure when it reaches the end of its life it’ll be creating both social and environmental value. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch for a no-obligation packaging audit so together we can make a difference to issues facing our society.