Samson Nano - Pallet wrapping machine

Samson Nano – Pallet wrapping machine

Taylors of Harrogate have reached the anniversary of having the Samson Nano pallet wrapping solution in their Harrogate distribution centre, and in turn are celebrating the saving of almost 10 tonnes of C02 emissions.

Because the Samson Nano represents the best in modern machinery and is coupled with the best high performance Samson Nano stretchfilm, by using Samson Nano system Taylors continued to wrap the same number of pallets but reduced the film requirement from over four tonnes to less than one. This equates to a CO2 emission saving of nearly 10 tonnes.

“We were amazed to hear that we had saved so much – just by doing what we were doing anyway,” said Mark Asquith from Taylors of Harrogate. “Coupled with the support of Samuel Grant, who really know their onions in these matters, we definitely made the right choice when we installed the Samson Nano”

The Samson Nano pallet wrapping machine is born out of four generations of packaging obsession, and a clear focus on giving clients not only a superior wrap, but also a clear price per wrapped pallet. The machine has no capital expenditure, and maintenance and servicing is carried out by Samuel Grant Group, packaging experts since 1891.

Thanks to the real-time analytics built within the machines and connected to the internet, the Samson Nano can communicate its vital statistics to clients (and the Samuel Grant Group) at anytime, anywhere. They can see how many pallets are being wrapped, and therefore at any point calculate their monthly spend, thanks to the fixed price per wrapped pallet.

Not only can Taylors boast the significant emission reduction, but also their load stability has been improved, thanks to the superior wrap and strength of the Samson Nano stretchfilm, which although strong and durable, doesn’t crush boxes when wrapped.