The newest addition to the Samson Nano range is the Ferret. Launched in 2018, The Ferret allows taking the wrapper to the pallet as opposed to the pallet to the wrapper, so if the load is extremely unstable it can be good to wrap it with the Ferret machine.

One of the main features of our entire range of Samson Nano machinery is the use of a high performance 33 layer stretch film, but we can also use black and coloured films where these may be required.



As with the rest of the Samson Nano range, the Ferret offers total price transparency – clients only pay for pallets successfully wrapped.



All the pallet consumption and diagnostic data is available on the internet. The machine automatically orders film when it comes close to running out.



It is dangerous to wrap oversized pallets on a standard turntable. Many warehouses wrap manually, and this brings with it a range of problems, from unreliable load stability, to back problems amongst staff and poor staff retention.



The Ferret will reliably wrap to the same wrap quality every single time.