As we near a year since our launch, it’s increasingly exciting how much the Samson Nano has shaken up the pallet wrapping machinery industry. As the most economical pallet wrapper available, it requires no capital expenditure and uses less film than its competitors.

We can’t be beaten on price or efficiency. This is due to our extensive research into pallet wrapping, and pallet wrapping machinery in general. Our research found that people were spending a fortune on machines, to then go on to have to spend further money on their ongoing servicing and maintenance.

Because we provide the machine with no cost, and service and maintain it ourselves, we removed those issues from the outset. We then discovered that most pallet wrapping machinery can have its gears bypassed by staff, which invariably means they end up using way more film than is absolutely necessary to effectively wrap their pallets. Once the Samson Nano has been set up, its gears cannot be overridden, which means our clients continue to benefit from successfully wrapped pallets every time, at a clear fixed price per wrapped pallet.

They are not paying for extra film. They pay nothing for maintenance and servicing, and they don’t pay for the machine. The only concern we have received in the last year is ‘it seems too good to be true’. Well it does, but it isn’t! Why would anyone use any other kind of pallet wrapper?

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