Samson Nano Pallet Wrapper in operation at Taylors of HarrogateTaylor’s were approached to be the first instalment of the Samson NANO pallet wrapper. The location of Taylor’s distribution site in St James, near Knaresborough, Yorkshire, was chosen due to its close geographical vicinity to Samuel Grant’s Leeds office, enabling staff to access it quickly should there be any teething problems with the machine. Thankfully there were very few.

The machine wraps 25-45 pallets a day. The pallets being wrapped are made up of collated mixed products, the main brands under the Taylor’s banner being Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Gold and Taylor’s of Harrogate Coffee.

Conrad Hart-Brooke, Supply Chain Packaging Manager for Bettys and Taylor’s, has been purchasing tape and interleaving sheets from Samuel Grant for many years. We asked Conrad for his thoughts on the new Samson NANO.

“Samuel Grant have always been a great company to work with and when we were looking to replace our pallet wrapping machine, they approached us to take on the NANO prototype. Knowing that the company puts such emphasis on quality and professionalism, the idea behind the NANO and the concept of the machine sounded like no brainer. We trusted them and were happy to take on the trial. The backup support and informatics they can harness are first rate.”

“Essentially the NANO provides a great quality wrap and is an infinitely superior machine to our previous one, which we had had in operation for 15 years and was on its last legs, requiring constant tweaking and maintenance. The machine is installed and maintained by Samuel Grant, and we just pay a cost per pallet wrapped. The NANO concept provides a maintenance and hassle free solution for wrapping and gives a clear unit costing with all potential factors that could influence price removed.”

“Our staff find the machine easy to operate and it runs very well. Of course the team aren’t shouting, “Wow, it’s the best thing we’ve ever had!” but we would definitely be the first to know if they had any complaints! The only thing they have fed back when pressed is that the lack of manual settings don’t allow partial unwrapping of a pallet, or putting an extra couple of wraps on the bottom, but compared to all the benefits, missing one element of the previous machine isn’t a big issue.”

“The machine offers numerous benefits, the biggest being that you know upfront what you’re paying – it’s a very clear and transparent model. There are no hidden costs, and no concern about breakdown costs or servicing charges. You know with absolute certainty what the NANO cost will be.”

“There are so many uncertainties of running your own kit:- purchase, maintenance, service, cost of materials. Manual settings can risk usage of up to 50% more film – usage creep when people tweak stretch settings – the NANO removes the human element which can increase costs.”

“The NANO business model is based on a very robust theory, which removes hassle of an in house system with clear billing and online reporting systems. Communication and invoicing are very clear and easy to track and monitor. Clear reporting and accounting enable effective planning and transparency of the costing model. The machine is environmentally good – provides a good quality wrap with minimum of film using high spec materials to provide a turnkey solution. There is a good interface between machine, wrap and quality, which have removed the potential headaches and associated responsibilities of an in-house solution.”

“The NANO gives a quality first wrap – the old machine gave good quality wrap but nowhere near enough pre stretch which meant that more film was needed. The cost per kilo of film is expensive, but the stretch brings that cost down. Plus a good machine would cost £10-15K alongside all the associated responsibilities. A higher usage of the NANO would bring the cost down.”

“It’s really difficult to factor in everything that influences a pallet wrapping solution, or even monitor the exact number of pallets that are being wrapped – we thought that we had higher volume than we did, so it’s been a really interesting exercise. If the finances work for a potential end user I’d have no hesitation in recommending the NANO. Samuel Grant are flexible and pragmatic. We have definitely proved the concept behind the NANO, and should the need arise in the future, we would consider replacing other wrappers with NANO. The NANO is as good as the best machines we’ve ever seen. The fact that it’s the responsibility of Samuel Grant and not us is good to know. It’s taken care of, and not something we need to monitor with any tweaking or messing around.”

Mark Asquith, Site Manager of Taylor’s warehouse and distribution added, “The old machine was an operational weak link and we knew that it would have eventually failed us when we needed it most. So to have both the surety of the replacement machine’s reliability, with a sensible and easy-to-manage pricing structure in place, backed up by Samuel Grant’s speedy and diligent service support, means it’s one less thing to worry about. The warehouse team are very planet-conscious and appreciate the environmental improvements that the new machine brings.”

For more information on the Samson NANO, visit or call one of the Samuel Grant offices.

Leeds: 0113 270 7221

Sheffield: 0114 257 4470

North East: 0191 489 6927

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