Samson NanoHow much do you annually spend on stretch film? £25,000? £50,000? £100,000? We’re here to challenge this.

Our team of experts at Samson Nano, Samuel Grant Packaging know wrapping inside out. We’re experts in every step of the process and can conduct a packaging audit to evaluate your packaging process from start to finish. We’re confident that we can always find room for improvement, especially when it comes to cutting spend on stretch film.

Now a client of ours, a company had previously set out to challenge packaging suppliers.

With their old supplier annual spend on stretch film alone was £100,000. £100,000/annum spent on film, without considering cost of machines, repairs, services or maintenance.

The first proposal they received was from our competitor who forecast two new machines at £10,000 each and a spend of £25,000/annum on film. Amounting to £60,000 spend in year one and £25,000 on film each year after.

Now this doesn’t sound too bad but when you look at the reality there are still huge savings to be made. Our competitor is unable to accurately calculate an annual spend on film because their forecasts are based on optimum possible outcomes and so the reality of this case was the company was still spending £50,000/annum on film.

While this is still a saving of at least £180,000 over 4 years, our experts knew we could beat this.

After conducting a full audit, we were able to propose an all-in, fixed price of £33,000/annum. This includes machine, full maintenance, repair, service and film with a saving of at least £268,000/annum.

There’s so many variables to consider when performing quotes on stretch film that without our specialist data transmission machinery our competition can only estimate. With our fixed price per pallet we’re able to propose a price that is accurate with no hidden costs.

So, if you’ve got an old pallet wrapper, or think that we can improve your wrapping process get in touch with the Samson Nano team at Samuel Grant Packaging.